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M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 or Akai MPK49

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wow no contest...the Akai...


reason for my response was this review about the Pro 88:





I've gotta admit, you get alot for the money, but what good is it if you can only save 10 presets? WTF Maybe it's a great controller for the home, but trust me, DO NOT TAKE THIS ON THE ROAD FOR LIVE USE!!



This thing is basically a TOY. One guy here got it right, it's like buying a ferrari with a hundai engine. Let's put all these great features on a board, and then make it out of paper thin plastic and pressboard. I take very good care of mine, and it's all scratched up from rubbing against the inside of a well padded soft case.



I've gotta admit, for under $400 it's Quite a value, but how about this idea. Let's charge $200 more and make the thing actually useable!



for the money it's worth getting if you need something that stays at home, and you don't mind throwing it out after it dies..





Ease of Use:

Unless you're a Midi Geek, you will not have fun programming this thing. I've been using midi gear for 20 years and still needed tech support to help me program basic commands.



Tech support will NEVER I repeat NEVER admit that they have heard of any of the endless problems that anybody who knows how to Google would find if they searched reviews of this thing. OH AND GET THIS! IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM AND IT'S UNDER WARRANTY? YOU STILL HAVE TO SHIP IT BACK TO CA FOR THEM TO FIX IT. NO AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTERS ANYWHERE. YEAH, GOOD LUCK GETTING THAT THING BACK IN 1 PIECE AFTER SENDING IT ACROSS THE US AND BACK.



really not worth the money, you're better off looking for a used Kurzweil or Roland controller. Who cares about weighted keys if they are gonna feel like garbage. You only need a weighted keyboard if you're gonna play strictly piano. How do you like playing organ or synth sounds on a weighted keyboard? it's very very un-natural. 10 Presets is all they give you? so basically you can only save 10 patches, that's it. This big monster with a million controllers, and you can only save 10 different layouts. Whoever came up with that idea should be Shot..

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Ok so bad review for the M-Audio device but horses for courses too. Basically i want to make deep house. Been using reason for years with a roland keyboard but it's got no knobs or faders. and just feel reason sounds a bit thin on its own, I really have to work at getting it to sound nice. Especially the deeper, rhodes keyboard noises. Had a go on Logic and just find it all sounds a lot more solid. Obviously will have to work hard with logic too but think it basically is stronger, also recording vocals, blah blah.


All I want is a keyboard with controls i think. Basically i'm using a macbook pro which only has two usb ports. My music is all on an external fire wire drive so that is taken. I tried a USB splitter but it seemed to cause latency issues. I've got an edirol UA- !EX usb to phono thing (like a sound card) running to my pioneer dj mixer powering active monitors which is taking up 1 usb port, so i've only got room for one keyboard / midi controller solution. I want it to be the best one. The akai seems to solve keyboard, controller, and pads in one. Is there any other viable alternatives? The reviews on here seemed a tiny bit mixed?


Any thoughts greatly appreciated? I know this is a bit long winded :)

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i hope someone programs a preset with the vysex for logic....i screwed mine up while upgrading the firmware so i have to wait...its not that hard...but i plugged it into a USB Hub...and that didnt let is transmit properly...so now i have to ship it to them and they are going to fix it for me...


AMAZING Customer Service....the best iv dealt with..

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