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Weird wave form display anomaly? L7

Music Spirit

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(Using Logic 7)...I have an audio track 6 minutes long approx - single instrument line in the Arrange, you can imagine several dozen chopped up regions with gaps etc. I need to consolidate them into one single region from the very start 00.00 bar 1.. prior to joining all the regions I Select All regions on that track and copy them to a separate free track below. I do this always as a safety measure, so that I have the original bunch of regions just above.


However after merging into a new file and expanding the regions to see the wave form, the new region 's wave forms are out of sync with the actual audio playback. The audio plays back correctly and you can see from the track above (ie where my original bunch of regions were) that the music corresponds exactly to the original wave forms, but on my new merged region the wave forms drift gradually out of sync. I have tried "refresh overview" but I really need to know what is going on as it makes me not "trust" the editing points on the merged track.

All suggestions appreciated ... am under pressure to mix an album



music spirit

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