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I'm on the rocks now.

Larry Mal

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Check this out: I have a relatively- well, very simple little operation, one Presonus TubePRE running into an M-Audio Audiophile 192. The TubePRE goes from an XLR out into a balanced 1/4" jack into my soundcard's left or right- it hasn't really mattered in the past.


I sold another piece of Presonus stuff and sent off my AC adapter, I only got the replacement today. For some reason, I can't get Logic to accept the input from it- I can, however, get Pro Tools M-Powered 7.4, Digital Performer 5.13 and Ableton Live 5 all to accept it, and let me add effects to it, and to monitor it. I use "input 3" on all of them, and "outputs 1-2" and no problems. With Logic, zip- it does, however, show up on the meters, but the sound does not seem to be going through Logic.


I have Logic 8.0.1, I downloaded the latest M-Audio drivers for my stupid soundcard (although that only says it goes to 10.4.10, and I'm at .11).


What can this be? Am I back to Pro Tools for any sort of acoustic recording? That's exactly what I was trying to get away from... I guess I can use any of the others, but hell, I bought Logic to be my one and only... any thoughts?


I know I should just get a better I/O, but I'm broke... in school and all that. I'll be lucky to get a job paying me a tuition break and $8.50 an hour tomorrow. That ain't buying my an Apogee anytime soon.

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And I should mention that this used to work, before the upgrade to 8.0.1, or before I went to .11 with Tiger. I don't even remember which, it was during October or something that I quit using this thing. But I know it did work in Logic, because I was using this setup with Guitar Amp and some microphones. What could be different now?
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I also have owned the 192 and found it to be a nightmare to work with in terms of compatability. I have two solutions and one of them will probably work.


..1) go into the m-audio properties in the system preferences pane and look around for a check box called compatability mode. Turn it on and take a look in logic to see if it works. If it does, it probably won't stay when you restart and you have to do it everytime.


2) try an older driver from say the jaguar days. This might sound stupid, but its worked for me on several occasions while using m-audio gear.


And of coarse make sure your volume levels are up in the m-audio pane, etc. Hope this helps!

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Yeah. I do know about the "compatibility mode"- what a hassle, I mean, every time I turn it on?


The Jaguar thing is an idea, I'll keep working with it, but damn, I was just hoping to be able to use only Logic... I wanted a decent reverb, and Pro Tools is terrible. Very artificial. The others as well. Oh well, if I have to I'll record acoustically into Pro Tools and just import the audio, my setup is so crude anyway... most of it is in the box, as it were.


And it's not just M-Audio but their Pro Tools products, all of it... very slow to adapt. Thanks for answering!

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