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Help with logic and leopard


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Ok, so my midi keyboard (axiom 49) isnt compatible with leopard yet stupid m-audio. Anyways, due to this my logic wont even boot. It gets stuck at searching for midi drivers. And if it does eventually load theres all sorts of internal errors with the midi. Is there a way i can boot logic without midi and have it run just fine? Id like to do some standard non midi recordings but i cant cause of all this bs. Right now i cant even get to setup assistant cause i cant boot the program. Any ideas?
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if i click audio midi setup in leopord, it sits there for about 3 minutes then says:


Audio MIDI Setup was unable to launch the MIDI Server. This means that you will be unable to view or edit your MIDI configurations.


Improperly written MIDI drivers can prevent the MIDI Server from launching successfully. If you have recently installed a new MIDI driver, try uninstalling it and then relaunching Audio MIDI Setup. If Audio MIDI Setup works correctly after that, then please contact the driver's manufacturer for further support.


So i cant do anything there. You have leopard and ur axiom 61 works? wtf did u download any drivers at all?


plus this avoids my original question if i can avoid midi altogether.

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Yes, My Axiom 61 works beautiful with no drivers in leopard. It even shows by name(M-Audio Axiom 61) in the audio/midi setup in leopard. All I did was plug it in a usb port and turn it on. Are you connected thru usb or a midi interface? If you are connected thru a usb, try uninstalling any drivers you've installed(if any) and connect again thru a different usb port, and that should reset the drivers.
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