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Time Stretch Left?


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PTools does indeed 'stretch left', and, in conjuction with SHUFFLE mode, can yeild pretty great results. I think that MOST people want to shorten or lengthen a track based on a grid point, and doing that by 'streching right' is usually the way to go.


but yeah..you should be able to do both.

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It would give the same result, but i some cases it would make it way harder to get the right length change.

For example if there is a long period of silence at the start of the region, when you line up the first impulse to something else visually, then adjust the length, that first impulse will change position. Also the end of the region may not end up exactly where you want it.

It's not often that this happens and there is a work around as you've stated, BUT it would be infinitely easier to stretch to the left in the first place. From a developers point of view can't be that hard to implement???

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Logic uses Region Anchor (in audio region) to define the place of the region in the grid. I think that it is the reason that you can't Time Stretch to left (as Logic would then have to create new Region Anchor). Though as mentioned before by davidpye that shouldn't be impossible to implement.



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