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AmpliTube2: After The Demo Period


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I'm trying out AmpliTube2 right now using the demo version.. pretty much full featured for 10 days and then it expires.. here's my question:

If I lay down some audio tracks using AmpliTube2 and then freeze them will they still be playable with the same sounds in my project after the plug-in goes bye bye? I'm thinking yes.. even though the plug-in will have expired it won't matter because the tracks are frozen right?


BTW: it sounds pretty good and will try to save the 4 bones for it (but for now 1st on my list is the new Intel-Mac-friendly Atmosphere).



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my education connection used to be my son but he left college a year ago (never used it anyways).. I think the bounce trick is the only way to do this (for the time being).. and I could bounce individual trax like Emile said and still have the mixing available.. just can't reinstantiate (is that a word?) the plug in.. which would probably be ok.


IMHO AmpliTube2 is a bit better than GAP but that is another thread altogether.

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thanks Emile..


right now I'm recording various crunchy/hi-gain guitar parts and AmpliTube2 gave me better sounds for that right away.. I think AT2's GUI appeals to me more than GAP.. easy to get what I want quickly and it looks the part..


I'll continue to use GAP though.. it's right there and I need to dig into it more.. AT2 demo is going to say "see ya" soon.

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I loves me some Amplitube 2 for High-Gain stuff... also I'm big on GUI & Looks and Amplitube has it going on... I use Guitar Rig 2 - Nomad's ROCK AMP LEGENDS (check it out it has a demo too) and GAP but when I wanna do some High-Gain stuff AT 2 is where it's at. I'm 56 now - wish I had all this back in the 70's when I was in my giggin' days...
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