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Batch convert to mono


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From the bit of searching I've done, there doesn't seem to be an easy way to do a batch conversion of stereo files to mono files. (Without bouncing individual tracks, and who's got time for that when ye gots lots of files?)


I'm giving up on Logic on this one. Such a basic thing too... amazing.


Anyway, anyone know any 3rd party (hopefully free) programs that does this type of batch conversion quickly and easily? I'll have to reimport the files, but it won't be the first time I've gone the "scenic route" do a simple audio task in logic...


Or am I missing something? does logic actually do this?





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have you considered changing the track from stereo to mono (hitting that OO at the bottom till it turns to O- at the risk of sounding patronizing)? that would make logic play them as mono files. if you need them to physically be mono files you could then go to to file/export/all tracks as audio which would bounce them individually without you having to think much- time absorbing though it may be.


i probly just told you nothing you dont know- but just checking...

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Yeah, that kinda does it, and that's pretty much what I had done. It still involved a bit of un tangling. I don't know why when I the stereo tracks from the browser into my arrange page, it created sequential mono tracks for them.... so, I had to space them for it to work... Yes, it's a workaround... but, it seems that something as basic as this type of file conversion should be in Logic.


No worries... not patronizing. Hard to tell someone's experience level from a single post no doubt. I'm still only a level 8 Logic Mage... trying to get more experience points. Fortunately I have a Mackie Control +2, +4 vs. trombone players.


Ooof. I just geeked out. Goodbye.

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