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Creating an LFO in the environment for CC data


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I'm trying to set up a simple environment macro that I could re-use as an LFO spitting out CC data of my choice and using a Delay object to control the speed of my LFO.


My basic routine would go something like:


'Move_Up_Variable = true or false indicating if we are currently ascending or descending

'Controller_Value = 1-127


If Move_Up_Variable = True Then

'We're moving on up

If Controller_Value Does Not Equal 127 Then Add One to Controller_Value

Else Set Move_Up_Variable to False

End If


' We're heading down

If Controller_Value Does Not Equal 1 Then Subtract One from Controller_Value

Else Set Move_Up_Variable to True

End If

End If


In Logic 8's environment, I was thinking I could have a few transformer objects working all the data. And then use a delay object on the loop back to control the speed of the LFO. Data Byte 1 would represent the Move_Up_Variable. If it's set to 1, then it's 'True' if it's Zero, then it's "False". Data Byte 2's value would be the controller's value.


I'm having trouble manipulating data byte 1's value. I'm sure it has something to do with the condition setting for the transformer object... but all the variations I've tried aren't working.


If any of you have examples of using If Then Else-type logic in the Environment, I'd love to see it. Also, is it possible to have a variable that I could set and then evaluate? (Like my "Move_Up_Variable"





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Thanks for the reply.


I have read that section... and it's still a bit cryptic for me. I'll keep digging through the manual. It would be great to have some simple environment settings available online that show how something like this could work.





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