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Software Instrument View Issue


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Hey Guys,


First post, so here it goes!


Anyway, I'm a failry qualified elec. programmer. I've quite alot of experience in cubase, pro tools, reason etc and now have bought Logic due to some serious recommendations.


The first major hurdle (which I'm sure you'll all laugh at me for) that I've come across is that when I have my software instrument selected, be it Grand piano, drum sampler, whatever, I can't actually figure out how to view the module.


Am i approaching this in the wrong manner? I'm used to reason, cubase and pro tools all showing me an instrument module when I insert it in the channel strip or rack etc.


What I want to do really is input my own samples into a Drum sampler so I can use it basically like an MPC to fire off what I want. I'd also like to change the parameters on the synths and pianos.


Any help you guys can give me is well appreciated. I've been on forums and read the manuals and so far I've gotten nowhere.


Yours in waiting (and embarrassment!)



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oookaayyy...officially the most down to earth web board I've ever been on!! :)


I can bring up the plug in windows by clicking on the insert in the channel strip no problem. It's the actual Instrument I'm after?



Thanks Again




*edit* what I mean to say is, should I be looking for a module to appear such as the "NN-XT" in reason? or "minimoog" VST in cuabse etc?


Screenshots would greatly appreciated!!

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So you want to be able to double click on your virtual piano and have the real piano apear?



Had a few.


But I seriously don't understand what you're not getting.


Near my crashing time for today.

Will check back tomorrow to see who's making the most sense.

I wager it will not be me.



:D 8) :P :oops: :!: :?: :wink:


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As I suspected my signal flow was up it's **** and I was clicking the wrong stuff.


Chalk another one up to experience!!


Thanks so much for the help dudes. I'm sure ill be on here regularly and hopefully ill be contributing (rather than hindering!)


Thanks again


J*808 - Ireland

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