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Sample slicing and assignment, please help!


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Ok, so i've been messing with the sample editor and I haven't yet figured out an efficient way to splice up samples and/or assign them to keys on my midi controller. Is this possible? Also, I haven't been able to speed up or slow down any of my samples nor change their pitch. Please help.
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Okay, there's a few different things going on here, so i'll try to answer some of them.


Splicing samples can be achieved by using Audio>Strip Silence. (local menu bar). Also, if you hold Option when you cut with the Scissor Tool in the Arrange, the Region is cut into equal sections. Zoom right in so you can cut individual hits accurately.


Once you've sliced your beat you could import it into either the EXS24, or Ultrabeat, giving you further sound manipulation possibility's, and you can also assign your sounds to the MIDI controller.


Time stretching is easy in L8, just Option/ Drag the region in the arrange, and its done.


Pitch changes are dealt with using the Time and Pitch Machine in the Sample Editor. I've not used it much myself.


Hope this will point you in the right direction.

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