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Are MacProVideo: Logic tutorials helpful?


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I've been using their videos since they pretty much started. I can't say enough great things about them. Coming from a PT background, it made Logic's learning curve cut in half practically. I was up and recording in no time after watching their first batch of Logic videos.


I have the Logic 8 101: Mastering Logic 8 and really enjoyed it. If you look elsewhere here on the forums, it seems that everyone got a lot out of the Sculpture tutorial. I'm sure it's the same with the ES2 one as well. All of them are very well done.


Go to their website and check out some of the user reviews and some of the demo videos. Not sure about any other specials at the moment, but I do know they're running a special on the new 'Mixing Electronica' tutorial. I purchased this one as well and found it pretty useful. Even picked up a few new mixing workflow's.

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I second what Dani & Cali have said.


Search through these forums and you'll find literally hundreds of recommendations for MacProVideo!


There are lots of free tutorials available from the MPV http://www.macprovideo.com.


Just download NED (the video player) and enable access to the free videos. You can also preview some chapters from each tutorial on the specific tutorial's page.


The ES2 tutorial is fantastic! and the only one of it's kind around. Sculpture is equally great. Well worth the money!


Do search these forums as there might be a stray coupon code you can use, especially for sculpture ;-)

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Hi.. They are a great resource....That said however..You better have deep pockets..Ad it up and see..My thoughts are this...I and 2 other friends go in thirds on all this stuff..Including Davids book and the likes...We don't have deep pockets...It is a shame that the cost is actually prohibitive for many....


Sure wish I had that kind of cashflow...But the simple fact is I and my friends as well,do not...


But just maybe..If We ever have any success..We can buy a bunch of theese sort of things and circulate them to the very creative,yet also very undernourished finacially as ourselves.... AH the price of knowledge.....JON

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I can relate to the undernourished thing :wink:


So, what if you could only afford one. David's Book or the MPV video. Which one would you guys reccomend. I'm having a hard time deciding. On the one hand, david's book I feel will be a better resource for the long term and I will be able to read it when I'm away from the computer. OTOH, I kind of feel that I will learn quicker from the videos.


Make up my mind for me!

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I should add that, in order to get the full value out of David's book, you need to actually work through all of his tutorials.


It won't be as effective if you just read it from start to finish like an ordinary book. You need to pull up logic and walk through what he's teaching you step by step. And feel free to explore tangents and ideas that come up while you're doing that. Then come back to the main thread of the book once you've satisfied your curiosity.


When you really work through David's book, the amount of stuff you'll retain is much greater than what you'd learn by passively watching a video.


MacPro Videos are a terrific resource. I highly recommend them all; I just think Dave's book will have more lasting impact.

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I bought the ASK Video series on Logic a while back and i have to say that for MY preferred way of learning, the MacProVideo stuff is a mile better. Just a personal thing and the ASK Video stuff is very professional, but MacProVideo continue getting my money
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