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Logic Studio 8.01 - Midi Take Folders wont play


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So I'm following along with David's book and on page 154 he walks through recording Midi into take folders. Following instructions, I am able to record multiple passes into take folders but once I enter play mode, none of the takes will play back. It doesn't matter which take is selected, none will play. I have to flatten the take folder in order to get playback.


Is this a bug? Has anyone eise noticing this behavior or am I doing something wrong?



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Yeah, I've noticed that take folders are still kind of buggy. People report that once they close down a session the next time they open it up one or more of their takes has been moved forward for no good reason. So a lot of People do what "I" said and unpack their folders to new tracks before they close a session and pack them back up to do any quick swipe comping later. I think that this issue will be resolved soon, hopefully, because it really is a cool feature. For now, I use it exclusively to just record take after take of people. It's great!!! They play one pass. I hit 3 buttons and they are recording another take in like 5 seconds. It really helps to keep people in the groove. Then before I'm done I'll unpack the takes and put them in a regular folder for later editing.


Have a good one.

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i don't know if it is a relief or not to see that others are having trouble with take folders... BUT YEAH- I am having lots of issues.


Take folders seemed like a great thing for auto dialog replacement. I recorded my actor doing several takes of lines from a clip in a movie i am working on. During the recording process, the cycle region would randomly mute the original audio i was playing back as a reference. It seemed to be an issue with shorter regions, but occurred with longer regions occasionally.


Getting through all the takes, I was excited to bring my project home to work on. When I opened up the project, some of the take folders were COMPLETELY gone, and throughout the time line, new take folders had been created, containing spliced versions of takes from other regions. For example, I had a take folder containing various regions of the line, "Hey, excuse me bro". This take folder and its contents was still in existence, but it was also magically spliced into a new take region containing takes of "hey exc-" "bro" "me" somewhere completely random in the time line. Pain in the a**!


I tried to salvage the original file (saved on my school's computer). I res-aved seeing that some regions seemed to be in tact. When I got home this evening, I got error: "Can not play back 8 bit file". So that was completely worthless.


So, I am saddened that my project, due friday, is currently severely incomplete. I don't know if I can get the actor back to re-record. I guess if I can I will take the advice of unpacking the folders. Just to be safe I'll probably bounce the best takes so I can have something to work with.

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