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Getting Fantom X8 Sounds Onto Logic Pro 8!!! HELP!!!!


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ok ive been beating my head all day ... anyone here have the proper settings for both logic pro and fantom x8 to be able to play my sounds off the fantom x 8 onto pro logic... heres how i have it set up now....


midi cable OUT from fantom x8 into my m-audio device IN... the drivers are installed for both the fantom and the m-audio... i can play the stock sounds from logic with my fantom... but thats not what i want... do i have to edit the midi channels on my fantom... if so to what... and how do i edit it on logic so it reads the same channels..... or am i missing something here to make this all work... like a cable... hardware...


any help is greatfull...

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You need to connect another MIDI cable from m-audio MIDI Out to Fantom MIDI In. Then in Logic you can use External Instrument plugin on Software Instrument tracks or use standard MIDI tracks but for these to work properly you need to create a Multi Instrument object into your Logic Environment.


Follow this thread:





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