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Manipulating a wave with midi real time?

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Hey guys.


Is it possible to manipulate a long wave-file with a midi-instrument, real-time? That is, getting the wave to change pitch for instance while it was playing?


This would be like Melodyne works perhaps, but in real-time?




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You could put a Pitch shifter on the insert for that channel and assign it's controls to a MIDI instrument using the MIDI Learn feature (command - L). Might also be worth assigning the bypass button to a MIDI controller too.


Hope that helps


By the way, I am listening to some of your tunes. Particularly enjoying "When the Guru Speaks" and "Tuning In"



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Hi Ronnie.


Thank you for your answer, I will give it a try, it just might do it ;)


And I am happy you enjoy our tunes :) The expressive solo played in "Tuning In" is Runi playing his EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument). He is very skilled with it and I thought it could be an idea for him to play it and manipulate a wave file, say someone singing or something.. Could be fun :)


Thank you again, and I´m happy to recieve other solutions as well from others if you have any ideas.



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