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Where, Oh Where, has my Audio Gone?


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Weird problem. I have a project I recorded some time ago (pre-Logic 8 upgrade) that I just opened and although all the regions, automation, channel strip settings are still just like they used to be, the regions are empty. All of the audio recordings are gone. I get "cannot locate audio" messages for all the regions. Anyone have any idea what might have happened?
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It seems that the audio is not linked with the session. In this case double click on the empty audio file in your arrange page, locate, and on top of the window you will be able to see the name of the file that is missing. You can either locate the audio file manually or type the name into the search engine (top right). When found just press Open. Unfortunatly you have to do this process for every single missing file.


This usually happens when you change the original location of the recorded files. Its always a good idea to "save as project" the first time you save your session in order to create an audio folder into your folders session; and copy or create all the audio files in there.

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