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Backing up EXS24 files

andy Brown

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Hi there.


Im wanting to do my annual re-installation of my mac, but im not 100% sure how to go about backing up my EXS24 files, i need to keep them as i have projects and stuff.


firstly, is it a simple case of dragging the Sampler Instruments folder to my external drive, and also my folder (called STUDIO in my case) along with it, so to preserve the samples location, then drop them back in the same place after the Re-installation?


Re-installing my plusing and AU';s isnt a problem for me, but the EXS24 stuff is vital!!


Thanks, Andy

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Go to your user folder and Option + Drag the sampler instrument files and all the corresponding sample files to the backup destination.


When you restore your settings you can drag the backup files back to where you found them.


User> Library> Application Support> Logic > Sampler Instruments


If you back it up accordingly the worse case scenario is you'll have to spend some time answering the sample not found please locate prompt.


The only (rare) issue I've ever encountered with this has been with elaborate sample file names (i.e. default Keymap renaming settings). If the sample name is too elaborate Logic will have an odd time finding it. You'll either have to locate each sample one by one or use Keymap's advance rename function to solve this.

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As well as User> Library> Application Support> Logic > Sampler Instruments, I would have a quick look under the main Library> Application Support> Logic > Sampler Instruments folder too. When I first got Logic I created a couple of instruments there, and it was only later on that I found I could have my own ones under my user folder. You never know, you might have picked the wrong folder one day and it would be a shame to lose an instrument or two for the sake of a few seconds checking...



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