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davids book.....

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hmm, is it any good, ? :P ha, are you obliged to say yeh? lol ,


ive thought about upgrading, im kinda scared to change anything, im running 7 on a dual g5, its power pc though, not intel, and its running 10.4, not 5. Everything seems geared up for intel now, so i darednt touch!!! ha ha,


is the book good? i shall investigate, there about 50 quid though, so i dont wanna buy a comic.


cheers though!!

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George..I'd go for Logic 8 and David's book. You won't look back. I'm running L8 on a Quad G5, OS 10.4.11, and my system is VERY stable.


As far as OS 10.5 goes...I'd stay away for the time being. YES..many of us do have Leopard/OSX Leopard systems that are working just fine (my MacBook Pro, for example)...But, I think a lot of people are just sticking with Tiger for now, until the developers get everything all together..


take the plunge, mate. You'll love it.

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I'm not sure it's a matter of 'better' or just 'different'. I find David's approach different that Martins, and the information is presented differently. I can just imagine, as an instructor, how difficult it must be to 'unlearn' a lot of L7 things, find NEW ways to incorporate those tried-and-true techniqes into L8, AND learn/teach all the NEW L8 stuff.


nonetheless..having resources like these are invaluable to newcomers to Logic, as well as veterans. I've already sent 5 'newbies' to L8/David's book (3 Cubase converts/2 DP converts). All of them simply love the new book.


I'm about through it now..and I've learned a lot. I'm axious to get to the OTHER David's book as well.

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I second that. Just get David-Logic 8 book and Logic Studio 8. The logic 7 book was good. But David book is making learning logic allot easier, but you learn so fast and other idea's start popping into your head, it hard to stay focus. Great book David.
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yeh, mabey i should get it, i was just under the impression that it was made for intel chip, not really running well on ppc, ??


i hope im wrong, and that it would work on mine. i have a dual g5 with 8gb of ram,


what about exs instruments and channel strips and presets and stuff though, ?! ha ha, im sure this is all really obveious but im just soo scared of risking losing anything as ive never had to do a change of any sort before. And ive got some stuff id be gutted to lose at the mo


is there really much difference between the two as well, ? i mean, workflow wise and whatnot?


anyhoooo, cheers everyone. mabey ill be forced to chose between a mic and logic 8 soon!!!

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