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USB Mic for those who wonder...


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I was able to enable my usb mic using the following procedure. I had logic studio open at the time, but I don't think it is necessary. In fact, you should probably do these steps (including above) before opening logic. By the way, I had never heard the term "aggregate device" before yesterday!


1. Mic was plugged in, powered up, and was working in SYSTEM PREFERENCES/ SOUND/ Input. I highlighted the mic and it was registering sound.

2. Go to UTILITIES/ audio midi setup. After window opens, go to the very top of the screen (menu options for audio midi setup) and click AUDIO which allows you to then open AGGREGATE DEVICE EDITOR.

3.Hit + to add new aggregate device. Select a check by built-in input, built in output, and your mic. Set the clock for built in output, not the mic. Save changes and exit/ close audio midi setup.

4.Restart the computer.

5.I left the mic plugged in I think during the restart, but I may have plugged it back in after restart. I again made sure it was working in apple system preferences.

6.Open logic. Select preferences/audio. The AGGREGATE DEVICE should now be available as an input option. Select and save changes.

7.Go back to your project. Your mic should work on an audio track. I didn't have to do anything to the track input selector- it just worked and it has worked consistently even though I have disconnected and reconnected several times!



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