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Editing Green Apple Loop?


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I did find this cool sounding green Apple Loop "Techno inner bass 01".

And it shos in the Arrange window that it is made by ES2.

But I can't get the ES2 synth open.


When I go to the instrument... there is only this "AnBasic" that opens small grey box... Any ideas, how can I get the ES2 synth to show up so I can change some thing in this loop sound? :?

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Any ideas how to "open" then ES2 synth from the Green Apple Loop?


I don't really understand them...

Under the Global Tracks it shos ES2, but when I go to the instrument it says AnBasic, and it seems to be Garage Band Instrument... But still I can open the "synth" so I could alter it...?

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Thank you both for helping!


David, so I can get the ES2 fully open even when it's in the "Green Apple Loop" instrument? That would be so so cool :D


But I can't find the Macro button :?

I think I did see it once, but I can't remember where it was, and now I can't find it...


I did read the Manual... But I still don't get it

"To unpack a macro:

m Double-click any empty (blank) section of the macro object.

This reverts the macro back into its component objects and cables."[/color]

I tried to Double-click the Green Loop Synth Thing in the envirmonet window, but nothing...

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You're fine! The macro thingy only works if you're expanding the ES2, not converting a GB synth to the ES2.


Solution: Click/hold on the AnBasic synth in your channel strip and open an ES2. Play it, and you'll see that by magic it sounds identical to the GB AnBasic!


Logic's coooooool 8)

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