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Missing FX Presets in Logic 8


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Seem to be missing a shedload of presets in LOGIC 8. Anyone else notice this?


For instance In the De-Esser effect there were at least twelve presets in Logic 7. Now I can only find about six. For instance 'male vox' presets have totally disappeared.


Anyone else got this problem?

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Sound On Sound, November 2007 about Logic 8:


"A more serious problem is that some plug-in presets and samples seem to be missing from version 8 and some settings have also changed, which meant that most of the Songs brought in from Logic 7 needed quite a bit of work to produce an acceptable mix."

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Kool 4 that 4D. At least I know it's not just my machine playing trix on me, or me playing trix on myself (as often happens.)


Why would Apple have effectively downgraded the program in this way? Some of those presets were the BOM.


After posting this yesterday I went back into a Logic 7 piece and noted all parameters for Male Vox De-Esser, called up L8 and created a preset. How am I supposed to know what to specify for these complex virtual machines, just an ignorant muso fool with enough option anxiety already.



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