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do mac have a built-in (any source) sound recorder?


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Hi guys'


I posted a question a few days ago about recording sounds from a video file -to make samples....


some guys suggested audio hijacker pro.. seems great, but it costs a small amount (and budgets are a bit tight) it only allows upto 10 mins recording (in total i think, not 10 mins per recording session? but even that would defeat the object here)


anyhows...PCs have like an inbuild sound recorder which can capture any sounds made that get sent to the speaker outputs




A) does the mac have anything like this OR does anyone know a relatively good freeware bit of software?...wiretap is not freeware either apparently it only unlocks once you buy it...so doubt that it will let me use the basic features...


B) surely there is a way to get LOGIC PRO to record the sound that is being played through the internal outputs???


C) I have the movie file in AVI - BUT when i place it into logic it doesn't seem to display the whole movie?....it's over an hour long wedding video....so how can i import the whole video? how do people do sound tracks?


D) if i can get the video into Logic, can i record the sound ALONE out of logic pro 7.2 ??? and then use that and cut it as i please



thanks guys, this is such a palava to get a small project of the ground :)





i'm running logic pro 7.2, mac book pro 2.33 ghz

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If you already have the movie on your system, and its not copy protected, you should be able to simply drag the movie into Logic, and it will ask you to "export the audio from movie" (or something like that), which will extract the entire audio file from the movie. Granted, I've only done this with quicktime movies, but it works great. Perhaps your problem is that its an AVI file? Try converting it to quicktime and see what happens.


If you want to take the LONG way, you can download a free application called "soundflower" which create vitural audio ports on your mac. You now should be able to set your movie player to send out one of the soundflower ports, and set Logic to receive on the same port, and hit record. I would use this method as a last resort though, as like I said above, I've ALWAYS just dropped my quicktime movies into the logic timeline and it asks to extract the audio file.

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