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External Apple Loops?


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Sorry if this has been asked before, but I searched the forum with no success, just as I looked in the manual.


Actually I have a bunch of apple loops that I want to use with my projects. The fact is they're not from a Jam pack nor from Garageband. They say in the manual that you should put your own AL on user/library/audio/apple loops/user loops/singe files, so you can browse them for the media tab on the arrangement window.

The fact is whether I put the whole folder inside the singlefiles folder, whether I put the individual files, I never get to see them on my Logic 8 on the media tab. My only choice being the import audio function. :roll:


I tried putting them as well on the user loops folder, put them on the HD library (in the same folder as the Apple Loops for Garage Band level, but nothing works for me.


I also saw there was a .txt file for the Garageband apple loops in a folder, IIRC called Apple Loops index, on the HD side, not the user's. Should I get a .txt with my own loops as well for them to appear? In this case how do I do that? Do commercial libraries come with thier own .txt?


Sorry if this is a stupid question, I'm new to L8 and apple loops (still used v 5 on PC for years), but really couldn't get this to work and it'd be helping a lot my workflow.


Thanks for this nice forum, already learned some useful stuff. :)

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