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MOTU 8-PRE advice.

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Hi everyone! I am considering purchasing the motu 8-pre as my primary audio interface for use in LP8. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with it, both good or bad, or does anyone have any alternative reccomendations based on its specs?. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks. Jason.



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I have one and it gets regular use when I need to mic a drum kit on location. I actually really like this piece. Sure you can get higher spec converters and pres. But for the price it's really good. Don't expect lots of colour or character from the pres. I would describe them as clear but not smooth, a little hyped around 3k and missing something below 200 hz. Still, they have a certain sound that I sometimes really like and can always at least work with.


The 8 pre is a great add-on to an existing interface (and a good solo interface in a pinch)but I'm not sure I would recommend it as your primary interface. It lacks the extra ins and outs that you'll probably want down the road.


Anyway, I've had nothing but good luck with mine, it's done a dozen or so sessions in the six months that I've had it, mostly on drums but occasionally on vocals and it's never once let me down functionally or sonically.

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