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CrossFades and .m4a Files


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You can't apply fades or do anything in the 'Factory' menu (like Time and Pitch Machine) to a compressed file like mp3 or m4a. Use the 'Copy/Convert' function in the audio bin to convert the file to .aiff and you'll be able to do all that stuff.


Using compressed files in a project will also kill your performance, because it takes more processing power for Logic to read them than it does to read an uncompressed file.


Good Luck!

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These things will take 3 gigs of ram, and even though your not putting in matched pairs it still can make use of the full 3 gigs at 667 mhz, which is some of the fastest ram around. And I have no knowledge of this wireless bug you speak of.


My machine is smokin'! :twisted:

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