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Aggregate Device setup problem


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I'd really appreciate any help you can provide me with regarding Aggregate Devices.


I have had to reinstall my OS and re-set up Logic. I've only done this once before and that was a long time ago.


I am on OS 10.4.11 using Logic 7.2.3


I have a MOTU 9896HD firewired to a MOTU 828 (not MKII). I am trying to re-set up the two audio interfaces to work as an AGGREGATE DEVICE. The 828 is not showing up in my options for Input and Output. I seem to recall that I had to set that up in software somewhere but I've spent two days trying to find it and I'm lost.

When I go to Audio MIDI Setup utility, Default Input and Default Output are both selected as Aggregate Device.

When I go to Properties For MOTU 896HD, I select Analog and it shows me a list of 1-12 Audio Inputs. with 1-8 highlighted. Audio Output/Analog shows 14 Outputs, with 3-10 highlighted.

Properties for MOTU 828 show Audio Input 1- 10, with 1-8 highlighted. Audio Output shows 1-10 Outputs, with 1-8 highlighted.


The 828 is receiving signal by firewire. When I change Sample Rate on MOTU Audio Setup, 828 changes correspondingly.


I previously had it set up for 1-8 to be 896, 9-16 to be 828 - and that is what I am trying to do now! Can anyone point me in the right direction? The HELP info about setting up Aggregate Device I/O's, and naming them, is scant.



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