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Individual MIDI inputs to seperate tracks?


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I'm setting up a project studio that involves the following gear:

G5 running Logic Pro 7

Unitor 8

3 MIDI controllers (two with in/out, one with just out)


at the moment, i've got each controller plugged up to it's own port on the unitor.


ideally, i'd like to be able to insert any virtual instrument over a track and be able to play two, if not three, DIFFERENT instruments at the same time. the idea is to have a few people song writing together but having the option to play different virtual instruments.


so, the odvious midi channel and port setting parameters are set (channel 1 for inst 1 outputting to port 1, etc), but i'm unable to get any seperation between the three instruments while playing when all three tracks are record enabled.


the million dollar question is...is this possible?


what is the best way, if any, to have some seperation between instruments and controllers? if i can get two controllers going that would do the job.


thanks for any help you all might have!!

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thanks for your help!! it's working well at the moment, but now i'm a bit confused on how to record seperate channels at the same time. when i record enable all the instrument tracks, the synths play on all channels. the set up i have in the enviroment looks like this.... new instrument cabled to a channel splitter. the first three outputs are cabled to three instrument tracks. the new instrument is set to MIDI channel ALL and each instrument track is set to channels 1, 2, and 3 respectively.


can i only do one at a time? you've been a big help already, and i appreciate your taking time to give us a hand. cheers!

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You don't actually need the channel splitter.


Simply check "Auto Demix by Channel if Multitrack Recording" in File>Song Settings>Recording.


Rec-enable all the instruments you want to record, press record and voila! (it appears at first as if Logic is only recording one region, but when you stop the sequencer, it will "demix" each part onto its own track.

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