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Match EQ? How many band of EQ?

Eric Wikman

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I'm not sure how many, but by turning the Smoothing control all the way down to 0 you get more bands..... usually way too many to be useable in my experience.


Hey David,

thanks for the info.. .as usual.

I always used Assimilator in the highest rez mode= 8000 bands and it was awesome.

Why ...or in what situation would you say too many bands is not usable?

I would think you might always want it to analyze to it's fullest?


However, I would almost never apply the curve at 100%.

Most of the time I would set it to 10%-50% for good results. But analyzing the EQ curve is different from the detail of the analysis.

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I guess it wouldn't hurt to always analyze at its fullest, but then smooth out the curve of the EQ or you're really applying a crazy EQ curve to your audio. Which might be useful in some situations, but I've never used it. Usually smoothing out the resulting curve makes for a more natural EQ and a more natural sound. In fact I like to use Match EQ just as a visual guide of how the spectrum of my track compares to another track, and then use Channel EQ to reproduce some of the EQ curves I can read (but not all).


Note that you can also edit the resulting curve in Match EQ in the graphic display.

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Well said.


These tools are great for say... matching a live bass to an old Motown bass that played solo for a moment on a record... or even matching a vocal session...from another studio.. with another mic. Not perfect, but can really help to even things out.

I also analyzed about 20 of my fav "sounding" House records.. and would cycle thru them in Assimilator B4 stating my song was completely ready to send out. Many times when I bypassed, my mix would sound like it had cheesecloth draped over it.



It helped so much, but as I said .. usually applied in small percentages.

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Yea, When I was on Cubase, I had to have this type of thing, and spent 1K on the Powercore, and another $200 on the Assimilator Plug.

Now with Logic... it's included free.

Although Assimilator has more features.. such as being able to automate a blend of 2 curves (A&B).

It also has a magnet tool for locking parts of 2 curves together.


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I also use Match EQ for visual aid, i have a channel strip setting that i put on the main bus out, i think its something like this:


1.Linear Phase EQ (bass roll of mostly, analyzer active to check for spikes)

2.Sonalksis Stereo Comp

3.Linear Phase EQ (General EQ, analyzer active)



6.Match EQ with Mix Analysis of apropiate music style loaded from the presets or mix analysis from another song or whatnot.

7.Match EQ in Learn mode to analyze my mix.

8.Multimeter (mostly in goniometer to check stereo and correlation)


I usually check my mixes like this until im happy.

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