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how do I assign a key to play from last position?


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I am using Logic 8 and fairly new to Logic in general.


This is making me crazy. All I want to do is assign a key (or use a preset key) to play from the the stopped position of the cursor. But all I get is play from start.

I have looked at the key command preferences, reassigned a key to play from last position, and restored default key command prefs...


What am I missing here?


Thanks in advance,

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Make sure Cycle mode is off. If there's a green cycle area in the Bar ruler, click it (or press / on your numeric keypad) to turn it off. Then playback (Enter or Spacebar) should start at the playhead position.


If you want to keep Cycle mode on, but still start playback at the playhead position, press . (dot) twice on your numeric keypad, or press . then Enter.

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Thank you very much David.

I spent an hour on this, and did not post sooner because my last post was ignored... Foolish me.


Are there any custom key command sets that you can recommend that might be friendlier than the default set? I am migrating from Cubase, and this seems a little cumbersome to me.


I'm also looking around for a shortcut keyboard overlay, any suggestions?


While I have your attention, here is my last post if you have any thoughts on it:



Thank you once again, your simple reply saved me another hour of frustration.

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