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Kontakt Player 2 AU Plug-In


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Hi, folks.


I just received and installed the Galaxy II Grand Pianos collection last night, which is powered by the Kontakt Player 2. The stand-alone application works great, but the AU plug-in does not show up in Logic. It is not listed in the Audio Units Manager window, and doesn't appear in the channel strip instrument slot for an audio instrument track.


When I installed GII, I did the "Easy Install" which installs AU, VST, and a couple of other plug-in formats for Kontakt Player 2. I tried re-installing the AU version with a "custom install," but that did not change anything.


Any suggestions on what I might do to get Logic to see the Kontakt Player?




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From what I've been able to find out from snooping around the internet, the problem appears to be related to Kontakt Player version 2.2.2. Native Instruments has posted updates for version 2.2.3 of KP2 for GPO and other third-party plugs that use KP2, but so far nothing for the Best Service Galaxy Pianos. I'm hoping Native Instruments posts an update for that soon. I've written to their customer support folks about it, so we'll see what they have to say.



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I'm happy to report that the problem has been resolved. All I had to do was re-install KP2 from the Galaxy II (GPII) Piano install DVD. Logic now sees the KP2 plug-in.


I'm at a bit of a loss to understand why it required a re-install to make things work right, but I guess that's the way it goes sometimes.


Interestingly, after the initial installation of GPII, Finale 2008 also was suddenly unable to see the Kontakt Player plug-in. (Finale ships with an invisible Kontakt Player that it uses to play the included GPO instruments. Up until the initial installation of the GPII, Finale had worked perfectly with its own Kontakt Player.) Re-installing KP2 from the GPII install DVD fixed Finale's problem as well as Logic's.

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Theremin as a FYI, NI has an office in LA so I have started calling them anytime I have a problem. They have always gotten my issues resolved very quickly where as trying to use their email support has been a waste of time.


That's good to know. Any time I've needed email support it's pretty much non-existent. Nice to know that LA number works!

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Actually, I did send them an email about the problem yesterday afternoon, and within a couple of hours a fellow named Joseph from the LA office had sent me a reply. His suggestion was to rescan the plug-ins in the Audio Units Manager, which I had already tried but it didn't work. I wrote back to him after I re-installed KP2 from the GPII install DVD to tell him that that had fixed the problem.
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