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Logic 8/Mainstage on B/W MacBook (not MBP)?

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Can it be done? The Applestore kid said it couldn't. The Tech specs says it can.


Main use is for Mainstage. Secondary is for 2-3 tracks recording in Logic 8.


Anyone here had luck with that?


(Searched for this answer. Couldn't find ANYTHING on Macbooks This forum could use a list of tried-and-true rigs and their CPU numbers)

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You'll need a lot of RAM for MainStage. Also check that the video card is supported, MainStage is more demanding than Logic.


Problem is, nowhere is there a LIST of supported cards (Why in the world does a music app need THAT much video card muscle? WTF?).


I see a minimum of Vid Ram listed, but when it's shared with system memory, what counts as adequate? We plan on running the MB with Maxed-out RAM.


This seems rediculous to me. There should be an option to turn off the overly-elaborate video rendering. It's a friggin' AUDIO APP for Christ's sake.


EDIT: Thanks, BTW, for the help, David.

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