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Noise over USB

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Hi, I’ve just got a new piece of kit and it’s causing me a bit of grief……..


Is noise (high pitch hum) normal when using USB for midi?


I have just bought a blofeld and it’s connected to my iMac via USB, an M-Audio Oxygen8 is also connected to the iMAc via USB.


The audio outs of the blofeld connect to an Edirol FA66.


All works OK but I have to crank the inputs up on the Edirol to get a good enough signal but when I press a key on the keyboard I can hear noise.


If I connect the blofeld via MIDI to the Edirol but keep the keyboard connected via USB the noise isn’t present.


I don’t have any other hardware to see if it only happens with the blofeld so I’m just wondering is this type of thing normal?



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hi, yeh, ive got this as well mate, i use a roland sh-201, and when i have the outputs connected at the same time as the usb i get a high pitched noise. i generally use the two seperatly, when i want to record the synth i un plug the usb, and when i want to control software i unplug the out puts of the synth!


im sure this is a bit backwards though, :P

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