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Key commands for Pro Tools keyboard?


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I use both PT and Logic and have the Pro tools customized keyboard. It would be great if the commands were the same and obviously this is possible if I were to sit down and do it!! However, I am looking for any other brave soul who has already done this to see if i can get hold of their key commands and save myself the work!


Thanks for any help.......

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One of the huge problems is the workflow differences. Another is the lack of congruity between the apps.


I know this does not help, but since David has already posted the link, I figured I would offer this bit. I have used PT for years, and have the PT keyboard sitting there as well. I ignore it when using either app, as the key commands are etched in my brain for PT, and I threw away my custom key commands for Logic that imitated PT.


Now, this is NOT for everyone, not by a long shot. I have two friends I will use as examples. One is a PT user that does work 10-18 hours a day. He has redesigned Reaper to look pretty close to PT, and recreated the key commands that are present. For him, switching between apps without thinking is his bit of temporary nirvana (or hell...I cannot tell which yet ;) ). The other friend is more into working at his own pace, no deadlines per se, and beyond that, composing for himself. He wanted to do the PT commands thing, but I talked him out of it. I told him to grab David's book on Logic 8, and start with the default commands, and then call me in a week. He has since decided to stick with the defaults until he knows Logic just a little better and figures out how his workflows have been built, and THEN decide which commands he probably will never use, and then start reassigning.


Logic is different, and by simply changing key commands, a new(er) user might miss out on alot of cool things Logic has. Like I said- not for everyone. But, I seriously think a week spent with David's book and their own music might just be a big benefit. It has for me. Besides- so many of those commands simply make sense. I love that merge is "=" hehehe...really nice...

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Many thanks for the answers - in fact I just got both logic 8 books from Amazon. I really like Logic 8 and am finding it more inspiring and just plain fun - just wish that it was a tad more stable and cannot believe I get system overload messages with a Mac Pro and Ensemble - but there you go! PT is not as fun but it is mostly very stable and of course TDM latency is not an issue. All that said, to my surprise I am doing everything in Logic now - go figure!
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