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Logic Pro 8 AU Problem (OS X Leopard)


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I have a bit of a problem, recently I had to get a new Mac Pro (the new Harpertown), with OSX Leopard pre-installed.


Apparently you cannot use Tiger on this machine... Anyway, I started to install some of my instruments, I started with East West Colossus as it is pretty much my bread and butter plug in.


I installed the program to my stock HD, and the samples to another drive. Now the standalone version works perfectly, but Logic cannot find the program anywhere (using the AU manager). Is there a set location I have to install the plugin? Like a VSTi folder on a PC?


I assumed it found the program automatically. Have I done something wrong here, or is there an incompatibility issue I am not aware about?


Tried browsing the internet and I can't find an answer to my problem.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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