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A question regarding the Apogee Duet and Logic...


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I have made the decision to switch over to the Mac platform and am going to purchase Logic Studio. I have been a dedicated Cakewalk/Sonar user since the early 90's, so I am no stranger to DAWs, but I do have a few specific questions regarding certain recording techniques when using the Apogee Duet with Logic.


Firstly, I have read that the Duet is an excellent interface and has audiophile performance that outmatches most audio interfaces twice its price, and that is saying a lot since the thing is pretty costly (as far as 2 channel 24bit/96khz interfaces go). I wanted to know how one goes about letting the singer hear themselves with a little reverb while recording with the Duet. Secondly, I wanted to know how one uses an outboard compressor while recording though the Duet. I suppose I could bypass the mic preamps in the Duet, and just use a mixer to route signals appropriately, but I was just wondering if there was a better way using Logic itself. I don't know how the latency is on those Macs, so I don't know if I am just stuck with recording dry or not.


I was using an E-mu 1820m card with my PC (until it died on me), so it was pretty easy to monitor vocals with a touch of reverb. I was also using an ART Pro Channel, so the path was Singer>Mic>Art Tube Pre>Art Tube Compressor>Art Tube EQ>1820m>Sonar PE. Of course, I didn't always use the EQ or the Compressor, and I always recorded the vocals on separate tracks; one with reverb, and one dry. I am certain that the Duet sounds better, but don't know if I have no choice but to record it dry, or risk losing quality due to a complex routing schema.


Any advice or help on this subject will be appreciated greatly. Thanks! :)

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