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Dumping Pro Tools LE 7.1 for Logic Express 8?


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I administer a small home-based recording studio that is used only for creating audiobooks. We record only one-track mono sessions up to 70 minutes in length, pausing often to go back and re-record small sections on the fly. Our final destination is standard audio CDs so we record at 24-bits and 44.1kHz, then dither down to 16-bit when we master. We use a stock installation of Pro Tools LE 7.1 through an original MBox connected via SPDIF into a Presonus Eureka channel strip.


We are happy with this rig but we are upgrading our two year-old 20" iMac to a newer, more powerful model and need to use Leopard to take advantage of the screen sharing feature so I can do remote support (I've recently moved to another state so I can't support the team in person). Of course, Pro Tools does not support Leopard and it may be a while before it does. With such basic recording needs, I'd like to switch them to a simpler, more reliable DAW than Pro Tools. PT can be very hard to troubleshoot for non-technical people and is even harder when one has to step such a user through it without seeing their screen.


So I'm thinking about Logic Express 8, fed with the same hardware setup. Can anyone speak to whether this would be adequate for our needs? My people do lots of little waveform edits but nothing fancy, and the files are rather large at 70 minutes.

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I have a project converting tape-only language tutorials to CD (Japanese).


The requirements are quite similar to yours, actually:

- long recordings... voice only... some audio tweaks... and (obviously) noise reduction


Nothing wrong with doing it in either Pro Tools LE or Logic Express, as both have enough power to get the job done.


However, I'd not use either one (and in fact, I don't).


You would be fine with an audio editor.

I don't do this on my Mac, unfortunately, so I can't make a solid recommendation. I do it with Sound Forge on Windows.


But, there are Mac equivalents: something like Wavelab (as much as I hate recommending Steinberg anything) would fit your needs quite well. You could probably get by with essentials, and save half the price.


I've always found a traditional audio editor a better fit for that sort of thing. The audio editors that come with most budget DAW apps are somewhat lacking in comparison to true audio editors, though they work.


Take care,

- zevo

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If you have no requirement for MIDI functions, I would personally stick with PT.


PT is still the best for recording and editing audio, IMHO.


That being said, your requirements are so minimal that either would be more than sufficient.


You may appreciate the offline (vs. realtime) exports in Logic, may save you a lot of time consolidating edits.


And PT is not yet qualified for Leopard, so...

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I fint PT a ball ache and a half now to use, especially over logic


Logics audio engine is much nicer i think, compared to pro tools.


Yes PT has some ncie features, but its not so Pro anymore.


I sold my M-box 2 with PT LE and went with logic for eveything, with a shiney new 828, and its more flexible, and with logic, everything you nee dis in one simple application.


Example - zooming on PT is bloody difficult, whereas in logic its a click away, and even though the audio editing in the arrange isnt prfect, i found protools to be a pain, especially with different drag modes nd all that, id sooner have a key command to lock to grid or use slip mode then having to go to the top corner to change it.


Then again - maybe it was because iv used logit for years now and i ever learned PT chortcuts!!! :oops:

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I fint PT a ball ache and a half now to use, especially over logic


Then again - maybe it was because iv used logit for years now and i ever learned PT chortcuts!!! :oops:


I think this is the root of your problem.


I'd personally prefer to use logic for this. Even if it's only for the fact that you could do an offline bounce of a very long recording rather than have to listen to it bounce.

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