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Help! Acapella's getting deleted from Songs when transfering


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Hey guys, any help with this would be very appreciated.


I've done a few Remixes and to my obvious shock when I moved my finished Projects to an external Harddrive to store as my G4's Memory is close to nil, I found that when I re-Opened them it says "can't find (enter name)" and it leaves a blank ghost image of what was the acapella. I drag the Acapella's straight from iTunes to the Project and it works fine when I keep the folders on my G4, but when storing them on an external then bringing them back to the Computer, they're gone.


Would I have to Re-Install the whole Program on my External and use an Acapella also on the External, or is there a way to keep Logic on my G4 and store my Songs on an External while bringing them back to the Computer when I want to work on them.


Thanks in advance for any help.

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