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Merging Tracks From Contiguous Regions


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Hi all


Just wondering about the easiest way to do this. As of now if I chop up an audio file and want to merge the track back into a single file I just select all the files in the track, put a small fade out (1ms) and then merge. It works but I was wondering if you could just merge them straight up. Not that much of a pain but it could be easier.


Thanks a lot.

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Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately when I split up an audio file and try to merge it it reverts back to the original file. An example would be lets say I'm stripping a kick track and am left with just the hits.. When I merge the track I get the original noise in between instead of just silence. This happen with both the local menu command and the key command. It seems a bit odd that it would do this. Is there a function that I have to check somewhere in order for it to work as it should?


Thanks again I appreciate it


Have a good one :D

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OK now I understand.


I'm assuming that you have a reason for needing it in one region rather than several pieces. In many circumstances you won't absolutely *need* to make them into one region.


You need to select all the regions on a track, and use the File -> Export -> Track As Audio File. That will "bounce" the track and put it into your audio bin. After that, you can delete all the regions on the track and put the bounced file there.


Alternatively, you can select all the regions on the track and choose (local)Audio -> Convert Regions to New Audio Files. After that, the Merge command or Glue tools will insert silence in the regions. Remember to clean out your Audio Bin of the old copies of the regions.


Others might have quicker solutions, too.

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