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control surfaces preferences .cs problem/question


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ok so I have all my controller assignments all learned via the controller assignment window, backed up my preferences (play it safe right). works fine. now, every time I shut down or close logic, all is lost when I reopen...I close logic drag the backed up .cs pref back to my preferences...it works great again and the cycle continues, anyone know what I'm missing?/what the problem is :?:
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Hey Max.


I think there may be a preference or setting somewhere that will stop Logic searching for new control surfaces at launch. it may be assuming that your CS is new and defaulting it.


Maybe try setting Logic to "Do Nothing" at startup rather than load a template or previous song?


Something must be overwriting your .cs


From memory I think there is another sneaky pref somewhere that needs to be trashed as well as the .cs .


Good luck.

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