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Help with making stuff sound a bit less "home studio


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I have linked one of two songs recorded using some HD recorder, with the tracks imported into Logic Express and mixed on my MacBook.


I would like some constructive criticism with regards to the production (the songwriting is nothing to do with me), and suggestions as to how I might go about making it less home studio-y.


As you can tell it's not totally finished, so no suggesting using fade-outs, please!


If you want to know anything about how I mixed it, effects used, busses, etc., then just ask.






Download link



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let me guess...you're the guitarist :D


no offence, i'm a guitarist myself......bring them down...the vocals are having to fight for position


overall i like it...in terms of making it less home studio-like, i'm not sure (just learning this myself).......


the mix sounds quite muddy to me...what i have learnt is to give everything it's space both in the stereo field, and the range of frequencies


you have achieved nice positioning with the b.v's, but i'd get that guitar away from the centre to give the vocal more space...



.also, cut some of the lower frequencies on the guitar (channel eq is good for this)....this will allow the guitar and bass to sit better together (less muddy)...to further accentuate this, maybe cut some of the higher bass frequencies.......i think this will help achieve some more breathing space to the mix....as much as possible, let everything sit in it's own frequency and stereo space



hope this helps



oh...and you might wanna consider a fade out....... :lol: (couldn't resist)

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I'm not the guitar player actually, that's my brother. I played the Rhodes, Clavinet and bass on this recording.


He's a guitar player and singer in a professional soul band and is basically looking for some recognition as a songwriter, hence this little stint of music-making.


He's had a fair bit of input so I'm glad you think the guitars are too loud, as I'm always trying to get them turned down!


Thanks for your suggestions. Good idea about getting the guitars "out of the way" of the vox and bass.


Any more suggestions anyone?

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Hey man good song and the sound quality is not bad. but the guitars are WAY TOOOOOOOOO loud which you know that now. I like the guitar work except for the beginning of the tune. The guitars are stepping all over each other they are in the same range and are fighting for space. one should be an octave higher or lower and for contrast when entering the verse change up the guitar groove its very repetitive.

Remember making a song sound "not home studio " isnt just recording techniques, gear, levels... its all about mixing, performance and professional level knowledge of dynamic arranging to keep a listener from getting sick of listening to something.


2 tricks

1. Take the rythm guitar and split it on to 2 tracks pan pretty hard left and right (to taste) give it its own world to live in with in the stereo and frequency spectrum this will open the space for the solo guitar intro part

2. Play a little game called "whos the star".. at every point in a song an actor should leave and enter the stage drawing attention to itself and making a statement the creates interest and a since of movement for the listeners ear. ride the faders by emphasizing the star of the moment and back off the the others.

3. Take a song that you want this to sound like and put it on an open track and constantly bounce back and forth to that tune while your mixing

and last goto




and read as much as you can


good luck

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