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L8 files from old G5 won't open on new Mac Pro

John DeBorde

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Just trying to get my new Mac Pro up to speed here...Many (but not all) of my L8 files from my G5 won't open. The app launches and sits there waiting forever after loading all the Kontakt samples, telling me that Trilogy won't work, etc. I have to force quit, but it never says that Logic is "not responding" (or whatever it usually says when an app hangs).


I was initially able to open files OK, but then I installed and configured Midi over Lan, which I am starting to suspect as being the culprit. I had an earlier version of MoL on my G5, btw.


I can launch Logic and create a new file, but even a simple project from my G5 with just one instance of Ivory won't open on the mac pro. Or perhaps I should say open all the way to where I can see the windows and work in the program.


please help if anybody has an idea what's going on.








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OK. Well at least part of the problem seems to be that I moved all my EXS samples to an internal drive from an external.


Is there a way to force EXS to update the sample drive paths of the sampler instruments?


In the past I've always gotten a dialogue box asking me where they are, or actually maybe when it found 2 sample locations and got confused.





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You've gone from Tiger to Leopard in the process? Are you sure Trilogy and Ivory are with Leopard here? Check and see if there are any updated drivers from them, it's worth a shot if you haven't already thought of it. Also, run your system update from Apple, there's a Prokit thing out and some other stuff. Again, I'm not really certain at all, but you might try those.
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Just following up with myself here...


It seems EXS couldn't find my samples since they weren't on the same drive, but didn't have the sense to ask me where they were, so it just sat there. Same thing with Ivory I think (which is the latest version-thanks).


I installed Logic 7, ran the project manager and that seemed to hook everything back up, so i'm back in bidnez baby! ivory seemed to sort itself out too and asked me where the Ivory items folder was and BOOM - it worked too.


Just posting this in case anyone else runs into this.


And I really don't talk to myself this much (at least when other people are around).




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