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how to make a good master

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Hello all well lets see if I can ask this with out boring you to tears I'm using 8 express when I have my tracks set the way I want them and then bounce them to I tunes to burn a CD it sounds dull no where near a commercial cd I bounce it as a pcm is there a way to mix down(or bounce) to two tracks,then import the two tracks back in to logic and do a final mix using express presets like comp.EQ ect. Or am I missing it all together please help I know there is a way to get close to the commercial sound just don't know how to get there. Thank you , Norm
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adding compression and EQ is what is generally done in the mastering stage, and without good mastering it's virtually impossible to get things to sound as good as a commercial CD.


Mastering is a pretty deep subject ... you'll find lots of threads here re:masstering. Just do a search.

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