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Silence on External midi track.

only son

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Hey guys,


Thanks for reading and I hope you can help me..


I can't work this out even though I'm sure its an easy fix....


I create and external midi track for my Nord.

I record midi information from my keyboard.

I play it back and it works.


Then somehow the midi regions I have recorded in my external midi track turn/highlight to the colour white.


Now when I playback nothing even triggers my Nord, but the midi information I have played is still there, even in the piano roll.


If I create a new track and drag the recorded midi information down it still doesn't play.


No tracks are muted and no tracks are solo.


Any Ideas??



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It sounds from your description that either you or Logic may have muted the track or region(s). If you mute a track, save and quit, then reopen, the muted track won't have the mute light on, but the regions will be 'whitened'.


I had a problem a while back where Logic randomly muted regions or just random notes within regions on one particular project. It's only happened on this one project and I still have no idea why. Fortunately it hasn't happened since. Just one of those little mysteries of life.


Anyway, try highlighting those whitened regions then press M. This should unmute them if indeed they are muted.


Hopefully this is your problem and it's easily fixed.

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