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sync mpc100 with logic studio


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hi all


i have trawled the net and the manuals for a simplified way of explaining how to sync my mpc100 with logic studio but to no avail.


has anyone here managed to do this? essentially what i want to do is do my beats and what not on the mpc and track them back in logic.. eg, kick on one channel, snare on another.. etc etc.. i have my mpc set up for this and understand how to send each track to a channel using the mpc (jj os). what i dont know how to do is set it up in logic or in the mpc midi screen.


i am using a m-audio firewire 410. the midi ports are set up with the mpc (in and out) .. please could any explain how to apply the settings so logic is the master and controls the mpc when i want to record the beats back into logic?? i would also like to play on logic and trigger the mpc (which i guess is what to expect?).


thanks all

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