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from a bfd rep:

David Robinson

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hi to all.

i thought this would be of interest to all of us logic users:(extract from the lp8 apple forum:


"Fact #5: Logic 8, like Garageband, is increasingly dependent on Apple in-house frameworks. There is probably less code in Logic 8 than there was in Logic 7, as more is deferred to CoreAudio, CoreMIDI and the ProApplication frameworks to name but three. This means that the Logic team are far less in control of their product than they used to be, and in particular, there are known issues with these frameworks that the Logic team have no control over. Since the introduction of Leopard, we have noticed a major performance hit with these frameworks that affects a lot of products (ProTools too). I don't know what the reason is for sure, but since they have bidirectional 32-64 bit compatibility I would guess that this was a large part of it. Note: these framework updates were also rolled out into 10.4.11 for the sake of compatibility."


thank you for this very important info.

it clears up heap of suspicions i've had.

note to BeeJay: i told you so.

this makes helping others on fora re: logic, a rats nest of contradictions.


mr synesthesian: i respect and admire you for posting this - having the guts to stand up and speak the facts (the "truth" is highly overrated.)

good luck with all your bfd ventures.



David N: please move this to the lounge if this is the wrong place for it.


david robinson

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