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Logic Pro 8.0 question (Amplitube 2 & AJH plug ins)


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Hello everyone;


I am a newbie to home recording and need some assistance please. I have Logic Pro 8.0 and have both Amplitube 2 and Amplitube Jimi Hendrix standalone/plug- in versions. I'm having trouble when I try to open sample files within both of these IK Multimedia products. I get the comment screen " One or more codecs are (missing or not found) ". Is this because the codecs are found within Logic Pro 8.0 which has to be open with the inserted plug in of choice? Also how do I go about "dropping" the plug in(s) inside the individual track within the mixer window as the AJH manual states? I am a complete novice to home recording so please don't be afraid to explain it in laymans terms. I have a new 24" Mac Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz 4GB RAM computer that I am using as my interface for the Logic Pro 8.0 plus the A2 and AJH softwares ALSO I do not get a maximize button function on either my A2 or AJH interfaces, i.e. they are deselected or "greyed out". Sincere thanks go out to anyone who can help me.

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