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new installation problem


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Finally I decided to replace my 5400rpm macbook pro drive with a 7200 one,

as expected, everything is working a lot faster :)

ok, I finished to reinstall all my softwares, sounds and samples libraries,

everything seem to work fine but... :


1 - Msi (motu symphonic instruments), i can load it in logic but if i try to play a note with it, it will make a very strong "crackling noises" in the speakers !

I looked everywere, it seems configured ok,

when i open it in standalone mode, it will work perfectlly...

most of my projects uses Msi... i'm getting crazy.


2 - I can't find the Yamaha Grand Piano Exs - what did i Forgot to install... ?


3 - some audio loops (aiff) are making the same behavior as msi (crackling)



anyone ?



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