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help setting up hardware with logic studio


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hi all


i'm very new to logic.. this being my first version and i'm having problems setting up my hardware to work in logic.. could anyone please simplify how to set up my hardware in the environment please.. the manual is hella confusing!!


simply speaking, i have a firewire 410 (midi in/out) which connects to my mpc100 via midi, i also have a juno106 and microkorg going into a midisport 2x2 - the midi ports are all showing up in the environment, but this is where i get stuck as to how to set them up so i can record midi and audio from the synths/mpc.


please could anyone give me some guidance as i've been trawling the net for days trying to find a simple guide.



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There's a lot to discover when you first get into Logic. (I agree that the manuals are not as newcomer-friendly as they could be. To be fair, it's a massive job.) Hope this isn't TOO basic:


* Your MIDI ports are showing up in the environment, so you're basically set there.


* MIDI from/to external Instruments/Controllers: use --External MIDI-- tracks (NOT Instrument) tracks, which are for software synths) to record/play/automate --MIDI--.


* The selection of devices/channels/patches for Ex. MIDI is done in the Inspector (left side of Arrange window).


* The audio your external synths generate comes back in VIA your Firewire and is recorded into an Audio track.


There's a lot of wisdom in this forum and the Logic Users Group archives. That's where to search. There's also books (David's for one... see top of every forum titles page; Stephen Bennett's are very reasonable), video tutorials, and any number of websites (e.g. SOS Magazine) with tips. Edgar Rothermich's manuals (online PDFs) are excellent for tech basics.

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