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Logic 8 hangs after 5 bars - Unloads ALL virtual instruments


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Hi all,


I'm new logic user and it's all been going fine so far, exept tonight...


I went to dinner and when I came back I opened logic like always and pressed play in the begining of my project. Then after 5 bars Logic just hangs: the transport controls stop responding and all the virtual instruments loaded in the track get unloaded (memory usage goes from 900mb to 240mb).


Its not the entire program that hangs, just the transport controls and transport bar and region selecting. What I mean is that I still have access to the menus...


I've tried deleting some tracks, soloing tracks, starting the song in a different location, all to no avail...


All my other projects play normally, so I out of ideas right now.


Oh, I've repaired permissions, restarted, ect....Maybe I should reinstall Logic?


Does anyone have any clue as to what might be happening?


Thanks in advance

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