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FM-8 being used in logic without being open? Very confused!


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Through experimenting I tried to set up an fm-8 instrument in logic by choosing it in the channel strip 1/0 without having actually opened the FM-8 program. To my surprise I got the fm-8 window and was able to choose and record an instrument. I tried doing the same thing on a second track and got another fm-8 window. I first tried closing it and choosing another instrument from the first window but, when that didn't work, again chose fm-8 on a track and chose another instrument from the 2nd window. Everything worked.


By now I am totally confused.


1) How, without being open, could I choose and use fm-8 instruments in logic.


2) Why was it necessary to use a new window with every new instrument.


3) Is the reason I have been having so much trouble with sounds being overlaid with sounds on 1 track because I also had the fm-8 program open while logic was open?


Any clarification would be greatly appreciated as this might be the clue to much that is driving me nuts, trying to learn how to use logic.


Thank you!



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When you install software synthesizers like the FM-8, the installer generates both a stand-alone application you can start and play and an AU (Audio Unit) in your components folder that can be used as a plugin with host applications like Logic. You don't have to open the stand-alone application for making the AU work for logic.
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Hi..I'm not following you totally...But whenever you insert a pligin it opens its' GUI...You can shut this behaviour off in Prferences/audio/general....


So if you open 1 instance of FM8 then another you should have 2 windows as you refer to them..You need to click the top black bar at the top of the window to select which one you want....Also you will need to select the track for the instance of FM8 so you can monitor the sound...If you click the "R: button so both are lit then both FM8s will play together....Also a very handy key command is "V:...this will hide all the windows of plugins you have open so you can use tthe up and down arrows to select the track in the arrange window..Then hit "V" again and you pluguns will appear again...


So then..Click the top bar of the instance of FM8 you want to change the patch on and make sure the track is selected for that instance to hear it alone..Also if you click the "X" at the top left of one of the windows it will Close the window (make sure to read the top area of the window to know which instance you are editing ...If you want to see that window opened again you need to select its track and double click in the I/O area were the plugins name appears..


I'm not sure if I answered your question? I hope I am being helpful here...If you are brand new to Logic you may also find theese videos of great help.. http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=SFLogicNinja ..There are about 40 or so free videos about Logic...Best of luck...JON

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