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Some Funk to take you back


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Heya DK,

I'm still cracking up. "Get down with your funky self" - that's too funny.


Yeah, that's me on the bass. But don't give me too much credit, I had to practice the heck out of some of those parts before I could track 'em. The main bass line is something I've had since the mid 90's. Interestingly, it started out as a really slow, completely straight, industrial sounding idea. I decided to "funk it up" back in '96 I think. Nonetheless, when I went to cut this, I couldn't play the part more than a few times, and it was weak, so I put this idea on the back burner and practiced the part. I feel pretty strongly that the bass sounds better when played with fingers, no pick, so it took me some doing to get it down.


Then when I was cutting it, I came up with the idea for the middle part. I could do it fine with a pick, but it's funk, it's gotta be fingers. So, practice practice practice. You shoulda seen the blisters on my right fingers when I finished this bass track. That was last Sunday, I still got the blisters, errr, sorta.....


Anyhow, man, thanks a million for your comment! I will definitely be experimenting further with part placement in the mix, when I get some decent speakers. I sent the Klipsch's back to Klipsch to be repaired, so I picked up a cheap set of Bose Companion 2 speakers ($75 at Sam's Club) so I'd have SOMETHING a little more substantial than the internal iMac speakers. They'll come in handy to reference mixes on down the road too. I can't wait, though, to get some good speakers and do some serious mixing!!!!!!!! This song will be a lot of fun to mix........

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